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About La Borgata Conchas Chinas
About La Borgata Conchas Chinas
About La Borgata Conchas Chinas About La Borgata Conchas Chinas
Nenninger and Ramal - Arquitectos

In early 2002 we founded our firm with the intention of creating architecture that would make positive and sensitive contributions to our clients. We are committed to make works of architecture that redefine and transform their context. This is our vision.

It is a common thought that by hiring a company to do an architectural project, we are buying a product. Our firm does not sell products, it sells services.

Client service and satisfaction are our most valued assets, saying that client satisfaction is our goal, would be making our goal far too modest. In the end this reflects as a space that provides a service to its users; an aesthetic piece that is functional, economically wise and with a life of its own.

We don’t measure client satisfaction to view our overall results; we measure it so that we can think of ways to increase it. Architecture planning is not an ordinary job, and we certainly don’t perform it in ordinary ways.

Each of the partners in the firm has had their own experience; we have learned and grown with our work. Each of us has a field of expertise and together with the help of our staff and partner companies, we are certain that we can make the right approach for each type of project.

Luis C. Nenninger
Cristian L. Ramal

Architect Portfolio (pdf)

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