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About La Borgata Conchas Chinas
About La Borgata Conchas Chinas
About La Borgata Conchas Chinas About La Borgata Conchas Chinas

With a focus on maximizing return on investments, Palmas Reales Estates develop and acquire premium properties. From master-planned communities and luxury rental homes to acquisitions of land for development. For every proposal, we organize intense market research, conduct extensive focus groups and test customer preferences to determine product, design, feasibility and targeted marketing.

Due to our outstanding relationships and reputation with property owners, real estate professionals and governmental authorities, prime properties are selectively obtained for consistent financial results. Palmas Reales Estates controls an extensive portfolio among the most affluent and rapidly developing areas in North America. Mexico is our specialty, having operated there since 1987. This strategic positioning enables us to create market-driven developments tailored precisely to demographic demand.

Once a development is determined, we work closely with local municipalities to entitle the property for construction. Through thoughtful site planning and value engineering we ensure accurate installation of infrastructure, taking special measures to preserve habitats and natural amenities.

Providing unparalleled development results for our client satisfaction.

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