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Puerto Vallarta Events: November

Festival de las Artes, November
Each year during the month of November the city organizes the Art Festival, where important local, national and international artists (painters, musicians, actors, etc.) organize various events and happenings all over the city.

November 1
All Soul’s Day (Día de Todos Santos); on this day, Mexicans pay homage to the souls of the children who have passed on. Tradition states that the departed descend from the heavens on this day, so family members prepare for their arrival by leaving sugar skeletons, skulls and treats on altars custom-designed for the occasion.

Each year City Hall offers a special alter exhibition, as does the Cultural Center on Rio Cuale Island. Restaurants, nightclubs and stores also create altars. November 1 is also the date of the annual “Informe” or National State of the Union Address by the nation’s president. All banks and government offices are closed.

November 2
Day of the Dead (Día de los Muertos); families hold a graveside vigil on this night, or at least leave their favorite food and drink (usually tequila) on a special alter constructed in their home or on the tomb of their departed ancestors. Bakeries are filled with sweets shaped in the symbols of death, and flowers and memorials fill the cemetery. Particularly popular are marigolds, the sacred Aztec flower that represents death.

November 7-23
Puerto Vallarta Art Festival: Each November, the exceptional Festival de las Artes takes place, featuring a month-long series of art gallery shows and open-air, beachside theater performances. An impressive range of artwork is displayed from artists throughout Mexico. All events are free to the public, and 2005 will mark the event’s ninth year.

November 13-23
Mexico’s premier culinary event is the annual Puerto Vallarta Gourmet Festival, over a period of 10 days. It serves to showcase a spicy blend of culinary talents between the local chefs at participating restaurants and over 20 guest chefs from internationally acclaimed restaurants and hotels throughout the world.

The Epicurean fete features gourmet cooking classes, sunset wine tasting and special gourmet menus at all participating venues available to diners only during the festival. It has new surprises that will be announced in February. Founded in 1995, the festival has continued to attract over 20,000 attendees each year, and the organizers expect the numbers to increase significantly in 2005 given the great success of this Festival.

November 20
Mexican Revolution Anniversary. Banks and public government offices remain closed. A parade through the center of town marks the anniversary celebration of the Revolution of 1910-1917.

November 20-22
The state of Jalisco’s renowned 48th. International Sailfish Tournament (Torneo Internacional Jalisco Pez Vela) one of the most prestigious and taditional national and international tournament on the West Coast. hosts hundreds of coastal and inland fishermen from across the globe to Puerto Vallarta. Anglers compete for the fish in Vallarta’s picturesque Banderas Bay. Prizes are awarded to the boat with the largest sailfish, marlin, wahoo and dorado caught (that comply with local regulations). The event takes place over a weekend in mid-November annually.

November 27
Thanksgiving Day. Special dinners are served in the hotels and fine restaurants in town.

November 29 until Dec 6
INTERNATIONAL AND NATIONAL PIGEON RACING TOURNAMENT, Celebration of the National Pigeon Racing Federation annual convention.


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