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Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta sits on the Costa Dorada of Mexico, at the mid-point of Banderas Bay, where the Pacific Ocean washes the border between Jalisco and Nayarit. Located on the same latitude as the Hawaiian Islands (20 degrees north), its sub-tropical climate is often compared to Hawaii's.

Winter - (December 22 - March 21)
Spring - (March 22 - June 21)
Summer - (June 22- September 21)
Autumn - (September 22 - December 21)

Puerto Vallarta is surrounded by jungle, and receives considerable rain. The rainy season is June to September, rainiest in September.

Average Precipitation

December and January, the peak tourist season, are hot and sunny. Spring and Autumn produces moderate temperatures. While the rain can spoil a day at the beach, the storms can be quite beautiful, with rain seeming to march across the hills and lightning illuminating the sky. Runoff from the rains can turn the seawater brown in some areas, detracting somewhat from the beauty of the beaches.

Temperatures reach 90 degrees F (32 C) during the summer, and the humidity can add to the perception of heat. During the winter, temperatures are in the low to mid 80's F (28-30 C), quite comfortable for a stroll on the beach. Nighttime temperatures range from the 60's to the mid 70's (19-24 C).

Average Temperature

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