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Puerto Vallarta

The Gustavo Diaz Ordaz International Airport is four miles north of downtown Puerto Vallarta. Over 450 flights per week bring travelers from all over the globe.

The airport is divided into two levels. The main level is the ticketing and arrival area. Passengers are ushered to Immigration once they disembark, where they take care of the paperwork necessary to enter the country.

After visitors give the agent the tourist information card filled out prior to landing, they receive a tourist visa. This visa MUST BE RETURNED upon departure from the country. If lost, another must be obtained from immigration in order to leave Mexico.

Customs is located in the baggage claim area. After baggage is retrieved, visitors proceed to Customs check-out counters where they press a button. If a green light is given, clearance is automatic; if red, baggage will be checked.

Beyond the Customs area is the main lobby where vacationers can find their tour guides, ground transportation and other services such as diners, shops, post office and currency exchanges. The upper level is the departure area, which requires a boarding pass to enter. Duty-free shops, restaurants and flight gates are located there.

Flights to Puerto Vallarta are available from coast to coast in the United States. Charter flights from Canada are available through Toronto and Vancouver. A list of U.S. cities and airlines to Puerto Vallarta follows:

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•  Chicago: Mexicana Airlines
•  Dallas: American Airlines
•  Denver: Mexicana Airlines
•  Houston: Continental Airlines
•  Los Angeles: Aeromexico, Alaska, Delta and Mexicana Airlines
•  New York: Aeromexico and Continental Airlines
•  Phoenix: Alaska and America West Airlines
•  Portland: Alaska Airlines
•  San Diego: Aeromexico Airlines
•  San Francisco: Alaska and Mexicana Airlines
•  Seattle: Alaska Airlines
•  St. Louis: TWA
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Puerto Vallarta is also a hub to many other Mexican cities and is served from the following Mexican cities and airlines:
•  Guadalajara: Aeromexico and Mexicana Airlines
•  Leon: Aeromexico and Mexicana Airlines
•  Mexico City: Aeromexico and Mexicana Airlines
•  Houston: Continental Airlines
•  Tijuana: Aeromexico
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