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Puerto Vallarta art galleries regularly exhibit international, national, regional and local artists, and offer a world of cultural enlightenment. Within their doors, art of every genre can be discovered. Each gallery has their own trademark of excellence and style. Their owners endeavor to bring the finest art to their clients every season by working closely with their established artists and by prospecting new talent.

The galleries of Puerto Vallarta are as varied as the art itself. While some focus on the avant-garde that attracts the youthful and the alternative markets, others are home to upscale contemporary art, while still others welcome the buyers of sculpture, glass art, or folk art. There are many other types of galleries as well, show places of fine pottery, stained glass, indigenous art, and crafted silver.

Art has been an important part of Puerto Vallarta's community for the past 30 years. This has brought the highest level of knowledgeable art dealers to our city. Armed with detailed knowledge of their industry, the needs and desires of countless patrons, the service and professionalism of the gallery owners are first class.

During the "art season," from November to April, the art galleries of Puerto Vallarta hold numerous art openings to honor their artists and to introduce these artists' newest accomplishments. At these cocktail receptions, the public is invited to meet with the artists, view new work, and share in the wealth of culture the galleries present.


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